With a Free subscription, you can:
  1. Earn 10% commission for referals

Powerball Fans Club

  • Become a member of PowerballFans.club
  • We purchase from 20 up to 400 tickets per month
  • 90% profit sharing from the website membership and of winning numbers among our members
  • Join our private forums, meet and chat with our members(coming soon)
  • Refer someone to our club and earn 50% monthly recurring commission with this subscription (get coupons and discounts for your friends).

$1.00 for the first 7 days, then $9.97 for each month
Premium Subscription for NolaCLASSIFIEDS.com
What you get with a Premium subscription for NolaCLASSIFIEDS.com
  1. Helpdesk customer support
  2. Get a better experience with zero tolerance to spam and scams in our classified site.
  3. Life time access and no hard limit on ads you can post(following no spam guidelines)
  4. FREE 100 Featured ads upon request(value $1.00 each featured ad.
  5. Get Coupons, discounts and deals from local business
  6. Earn 50% commision for referrals plus get a 20% OFF Coupon code to give to your referrals

Local Web Design (New Orleans and surrounding areas)

What do you get with this subscription:

  • Five (5) Pages website
  • Subdomain with your onw keywords or business name. Ex:
    yourBusiness.noladir.com (We can use your existing domain name if you already have one)
  • Custom email address forwarder Ex:
    yourBusiness@noladir.com will be forwarded to your existing email
  • Web Hosting for your website
  • CPanel Access
  • Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This offer is for clients of New Orleans and surrounding ares only.
$99.00 for each year


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