In Person Day Trading Training

In Person Day Trading Training
Learn to trade in the stock market with me in person. You will sit next to me and see how I do trade in live session.
You will learn how I make money in the stock market as a day trader with an average of $300-$800 in profits per day. Note, you don't have to invest or take any risk at all to learn. You can request 100% money back if you are not satisfied 100% with what you learned.
You can be with me Monday-Friday from 2 to 4 hours per day while the market is open, or we can work with your own schedule. And you can learn really quick if you put interest.

This is in person training. Training will be held in Metairie, near Clearview blvd and Veterans Blvd.
I have computers available in case you don't have a laptop.
If you prove to be good at it after the training. I let you borrow from me up to $10k to help you to get on your feet.
If you were looking for a life changing opportunity, I think this could be what you were looking for.
$1,497.00 for 3 months
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